In Undead Assault III, there are three Rank Sets: Enlisted, Warrant Officer, and Commissioned Officer. Players must choose one of these three Sets at the start of every game. Based on the selected Set at the start of the game, players will earn experience in that Set alone. Players start out with the Enlisted Set by default and do not have the ability to change their Set when playing their first few games. The ability to change the Set of experience used is unlocked at the Rank of Staff Sergeant {SSG} (5500 Enlisted experience) and can be utilized the start of the next game.

As Ranks are acquired, additional Military Occupational Specialties and Skill Identifiers will be unlocked for that Rank Set.  Additionally, every Rank gained has the following effects:

  • Damage increases by 1.5%
  • Movement speed increases by 0.135%
  • Life decreases by 4