Welcome to the new UAC Wiki

Welcome to the new wiki (yet again). Currently, there is only 1 wiki staff so progress will be both very inconsistent and slow. If there are any errors in information due to it being either incorrect or out-dated, please contact Skylance via the UAC Discord in the #wiki-channel, or via email

Undead Assault Chronicles

Undead Assault Chronicles is a community driven Starcraft 2 Arcade game based around teamwork and zombie survival. Fight against both the undead and a mysterious PMC, complete objectives with your squad, and reclaim the AO!


The Undead Assault Chronicles community has several platforms of discussion. You can join the community via the following:


  • Address: DGI
  • Password: FML
  • To move around channels, ask a moderator, operator, or admin to grant permissions


Starcraft 2

  • Navigate to "Undead Assault Chronicles" in the Arcade section
  • Right Click "Undead Assault Chronicles"
  • Click "Join Chat"

Wiki Plans

This section will contain a check-list of stuff to do, current progress on said topics, and what the next edits will be. Note that things will not be done in the order as listed though.

  • Setup All Main Wiki Pages: WIP
  • Basic Game Mechanics: 0%
  • MOS Compendium: 5% done
  • Skill Identifiers: 0%
  • Items and Gear: 0%
  • Ailments: 0%
  • Camos and Decals: 0%
  • Achievements: 0%
  • Guides: 0%